Book Review – “Service Management” by James Fitzsimmons and Mona Fitzsimmons

In the early days of CMMI® – SVC, around 4 years ago, I purchased this book on the recommendation of my colleague Chinmay Pradhan . The money and time spent with this book have been rewarding. I now strongly recommend it to anyone who asks me for a book to understand the services context for implementation of CMMI® for Services.

Some relevant information about the book:

  • The book is designed as a comprehensive standard text for management students in service oriented industries.
  • It has been used as reference book for many years – the first edition is dated 1994. The book has been updated frequently and has survived almost 2 decades.
  • The book (5th Edition) has 3 parts and 17 Chapters.
  • The Chapters on “The Nature of Services” and “Service Strategy” (in Part 1) are especially useful to structure your approach to a service oriented organization.
  • There are interesting Chapters (in Part 2) dedicated to development of new services, service quality, and continuous improvement.
  • Part 3 titled Managing Service Operations has a lot of material devoted to demand forecasting, capacity management, managing queues, and service supply relationship – this section is useful for approaching the high maturity practices of the CMMI®.
  • Concepts are supported with diagrams, tables, examples and case studies from a wide range of service industries. The range is so vast that based on reading the book, it is easy to extend the concepts to a completely new service industry/ organization.
  • Each chapter ends with questions for the readers to work on (and consolidate their understanding of the concepts).
  • The book may not be suitable in a Kindle version (I think the big illustrations and tables in the book are not suitable currently for the Kindle format).
  • The print version (5th Edition) that I have is close to 600 pages – just slightly smaller than the A4 size – so it is pretty big to carry around.

I recommend this book very strongly to:

  • Consultants, trainers, auditors and appraisers working with CMMI® for Services (CMMI® – SVC)
  • Process improvement professionals in any service oriented organization, especially those supporting the implementation of CMMI® for Services (CMMI® – SVC)
  • Executive management of service oriented organizations

If you belong to one the above category of folks, in addition to reading the book, you will find it useful to have a copy for reference on a more constant basis.
The book has multiple editions (the 8th edition seems to be the latest) and multiple versions/ configurations (hardcover/paperback, with student CD/ without student CD) – the price varies significantly based on the edition, versions and configurations. My review is based on a paperback copy of the 5th edition, without the student CD. If you are planning to purchase a copy, keep in mind that the price is dependent on some of the factors just discussed.

About the authors

James A Fitzsimmons is a BSE in industrial engineering (Univ of Michigan), an MBA (Western Michigan Univ) and a PhD (UCLA). He has consulted several organizations, including large government bodies. He has edited and co-authored many books and journals.

Mona J Fitzsimmons is a graduate from the University of Michigan, did her graduate work in geology. She has been a teacher and an author. Her activities/ interests include wildlife rehabilitation, environmental issues and health care.

Here are some details, if you want to get a copy of the book:

Service Management Book Cover
Title: Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology

Author: James A Fitzimmons and Mona J Fitzsimmons

Publishing Date: Initially around 1994, Currently 8th Edition

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Available at:,, and Flipkart

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8 thoughts on “Book Review – “Service Management” by James Fitzsimmons and Mona Fitzsimmons”

  1. This looks like a useful reference, Rajesh. Thanks Rajesh and Chinmay.

    In fact, I have seen stores like Crossword stock up on a number of books related to Services- Operations, Marketing, Strategy …over the past 2-3 years.

    And the underlying business concepts, innovations in the Services space makes for an exciting read.

    And by the way, your website also provides a very useful service:) Trust that you have applied the practices of CMMI SVC while transitioning from your earlier blogsite on WordPress to your own Alignmentor website:)

    1. Hi Prakash,

      “…And by the way, your website also provides a very useful service:) Trust that you have applied the practices of CMMI SVC while transitioning from your earlier blogsite on WordPress to your own Alignmentor website:)…”

      Like other organizations that we consult say in the beginning — “we do all the steps, only the documentation is missing ;-)”



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