Try this Quiz and Test Your CMMI® – SVC Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge: CMMI® - SVC (v1.3) Book CoverTest Your Knowledge: CMMI® – SVC (v1.3)

This free sample quiz contains 35 objective-type questions for persons who wish to test their knowledge of CMMI®-SVC (v1.3). A booklet with the correct answers (for scoring) and guidance for improving model knowledge and understanding is also available.

Click here to download the free sample quiz (a PDF document).

This quiz is suitable for:

  • Process/ Quality Assurance/ EPG/ PEG professionals
  • CMMI® – SVC specialists, consultants, and trainers
  • Appraisal Team Members (ATMs)
  • Candidate lead appraisers and instructors
  • Process compliance auditors

The quiz contains questions on:

  • Structure of the CMMI® and CMMI® – SVC
  • Definitions and acronyms for commonly used terms
  • Purpose and practices of various process areas in the model
  • Relationship and commonalities across process areas
  • Application of the understanding to a given situation by identifying the most relevant process area

Click here to download the free sample quiz (a PDF document).

You can also use this free sample quiz to see the typical components of a quiz (questions, answers, explanations, and guidance) and evaluate the suitability of a Kindle eBook with 3 quizzes (available at and, and

[This has been built with valuable inputs from Prakash Hegde, Atanu Das, D Sankararaman, Neha Chouhan, Chinmay Pradhan, Channaveer Patil, and V Seshadri]

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I am Rajesh Naik. I am an author, management consultant and trainer, helping IT and other tech companies improve their processes and performance. I also specialize in CMMI® (DEV and SVC), People CMM® and Balanced Scorecard. I am a CMMI Institute certified/ authorized Instructor and Lead Appraiser for CMMI® and People CMM®. I am available on LinkedIn and I will be glad to accept your invite. For more information please click here.

27 thoughts on “Try this Quiz and Test Your CMMI® – SVC Knowledge”

  1. The CMMI® – SVC is a relatively new framework in the CMMI® constellation. I am sure that organizations, especially Process teams, will find great value in this ready kit (Quiz kit with 8 quizzes pack should be most useful) as an aid in CMMI®- SVC orientation programs.

    ATMs should find Kindle eBook useful in testing their understanding of the framework before they get on to the serious business of objective evaluation of evidence and practice characterization.

    The quizzes provide a great coverage for the model elements and I find them pretty comprehensive.


  2. Interesting set of quizzes! Very helpful for all who are involved in implementation of CMMI® – SVC model, including QA folks.
    The quizzes will be very helpful for organizations preparing for appraisals too!
    A great product!

  3. Very interesting quizzes ! Quite elaborate and also has some practical application of the model . Was a good refresher on CMMI SVC and will certainly help practitioners .

  4. Rajesh,

    Danged, I got one wrong! The first question – I can never remember if it’s “Integration” or “Integrated!”

    Just a couple of quick notes on the quiz:
    1. Q5, Q29, and Q31-35: Use the acronyms rather than the full name of the PA. Heck, you do everywhere else, so you might as well be consistent and use the acronyms throughout.
    2. On Q31-35, I really don’t know what is meant by “(Max 2 marks each)” I THOUGHT you meant that you could use any given maturity level (2-5) a maximum of 2 times, but clearly THAT’s not the case as ML3 is the correct answer for more than of them… I don’t get it.

    Other than that, kinda fun!


    1. Hi Pat,

      Thank you for sharing your detailed comments.

      The use of full for a PA in some places is deliberate – just to remind folks that PAs do have a full name – I know experts who struggle to recall the full names of some of the PAs.

      In Q31-35, “(Max 2 marks each)” meant that a correct answer would fetch you 2 points (marks) for Q31, Q32,.. and so on. I guess – “(2 marks for each question)” would be less confusing.

      Thanks once again


  5. Very good quiz for testing CMMI-SVC knowledge. Very helpful.
    Looking forward to the similar quiz for PCMM and CMMI-DEV.

  6. Hi Rajesh Sir,

    Two months back, I participated as a ATM. Passed the test with good marks. Thank you. It was a good recap for me once again. I would like to write a test alteast monthly once to stayed tuned and refresh myself. Good day! Gayathri Chandrahasan.

  7. A very good quiz to asses your understanding. Pls come up with more quizez like this & kind of CMMi SVC questions which could be asked in interviews. Thanks Again!!

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