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“What is Green IT? Should I invest my time learning about it?”, these are some questions typically asked by participants in conferences and workshops involving process and quality folks.

Here are some pointers:

  • The British Computer Society (BCS) has established a 3 day Foundation Certificate in Green IT in association with Information Systems Examination Board.
  • The 3 day course ends with a 1 hour examination, which contains multiple-choice questions
  • The course (and the exam) focuses on (1) How IT can help greeni-fy its other operations, and (2) how IT operations can be made more green
  • Topics include disposal of hazardous waste, resource conservation and sustainable working practices
  • The participants are expected to become familiar with (1) various protocols, panels, summits, and international frameworks on Climate Change, and  (2) legislation and standards like ISO 14001, Energy Star, EPEAT and WEEE
  • Internal assessment of an organization’s Green IT status and action planning are other topics covered in the course

The syllabus has been published here.

You can get more information from the following:

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