People CMM® – Explored: A Quick Overview – A Presentation

Last week, I made a presentation on the People CMM® to an industry body (SLASSCOM) in Sri Lanka.

A version (slightly modified) of the presentation is here:

In case the presentation does not load, use the link

Other presentations covering CMMI®., People CMMI, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps and Competency Frameworks on AlignMentor are available here.

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Please feel feel to share your views, experiences or queries, using the “comments” feature available.


I am Rajesh Naik. I am an author, management consultant and trainer, helping IT and other tech companies improve their processes and performance. I also specialize in CMMI® (DEV and SVC), People CMM® and Balanced Scorecard. I am a CMMI Institute certified/ authorized Instructor and Lead Appraiser for CMMI® and People CMM®. I am available on LinkedIn and I will be glad to accept your invite. For more information please click here.

25 thoughts on “People CMM® – Explored: A Quick Overview – A Presentation”

  1. Rajesh,

    Thanks for the nice and simple presentation. This will be extremely useful for people who are curious about People CMM and desire a first level understanding.



  2. This presentation simplifies the understanding of the PCMM framework and captures the various underlying themes beautifully.

    I especially liked the illustration for “systems view” through the use of the Performance Management process.

    In terms of adoption, it is encouraging to see that many companies beyond the IT sector (who have been early adopters), are finding utility in the framework, to drive their People excellence programs.


  3. Thanks Rajesh,
    Concise and Cute presentation….very informative…

    Best Regards,
    Channaveer Patil.

  4. Thanks Rajesh ,

    Apt presentation to explain PCMM to organisations .. Especially the performance management explanation as being more than setting kra’s is very useful.

    In my view there is a lot of “Isolated Viewing” of processes and the demand to see value, business benefit etc .. They miss the aspect that value comes as a system when things are interconnected , synchronous and repeatable. Your example makes it simple to understand and for consultants like me to explain. I say this with confidence as I just used this to explain one senior vp in an organisation.

  5. Hi Rajesh,

    Thats a really simplified version of PCMM capturing the essence of it very well. I am sure it would be useful to lot of people to get an overview of the model.


  6. Thanks a lot for this wonderful presentation. It is excellent overview for a novice like me. It motivates me to read the complete model.

  7. Hi Rajesh,

    This is one sure way to make the highly technical, theoritical model easy to understand. Many a times we struggle to put everything we know about the model in a structured way so that anyone can understand.. somewhere along the way they are lost and we get lost too 🙂

    Thanks for this big contribution 🙂

  8. Dear Sir,
    Thanks lot for sharing your knowledge…..It is very useful for someone like me (QA Person)…
    expecting more like this…Best of luck…

  9. Hi Rajesh,

    Thanks for presenting a simplified view of PCMM, which made it easy to understand.


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