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Interview: Shri RG Rajan, CMD, RCF on the People CMM®

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Mr RG Rajan is the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) at RCF (Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited).
In this interview, Mr Rajan shares RCF’s experiences in implementing the People CMM® and benefits that RCF (website: http://www.rcfltd.com/) gained in the journey.  RCF was appraised and rated at maturity level 2 through a SCAMPISM Class A appraisal in Jan 2015 (see details of the appraisal listed here.

Q: Please tell us about your organization – RCF.

CMD: Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. is a leading Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) in India, and is engaged for the past five decades in the production of various fertilizers and industrial chemicals at Chembur (Mumbai) and Thal (Raigad district, Maharashtra). We market these products all over India. We have also been in the forefront of the ‘Green Revolution’ in India and have been serving the farmers of the country for several decades.

RCF is certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Our greatest asset is our committed workforce of over 4000 employees. We have taken various initiatives involving employees – these include Quality Circles, Kaizen and Five-S. We conduct ‘Organizational Climate and Employee Satisfaction Surveys’ and also participate in the ‘Best Companies to Work for’ studies conducted by organizations such as ‘Great Place to Work Institute’.

Q: Please tell us about your decision on adopting the People CMM® model. And about your People CMM® journey.

CMD: In 2012, we found that BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) had adopted the People CMM® for their HR processes – this prompted us to assess the feasibility of adopting this model for RCF.

We understood the concept and the framework of the People CMM® by interacting with various experts and services providers in India.

To get the maximum benefit, we decided to cover the entire organization under the People CMM®. We undertook a SCAMPISM Class-C to find out where we stand, and identify the gaps in our processes. We worked hard to close the gaps identified. Then we performed a SCAMPISM Class-B to assess our readiness for a formal appraisal, before being appraised using the SCAMPISM Class-A method.

Internally, a project team of around thirty officials from HR and HRD was formed with the Executive Director (HR), Shri P G Deshpande being the Sponsor. This project team drove the project with assistance from external experts.

We ensured that all required resources were made available for the successful progress and completion of this project.

Q: There is a feeling that the People CMM® is applicable only for IT companies. Yours is a manufacturing organization – what is your impression now that you have implemented a part of the People CMM®?

CMD: The People CMM® is generic in nature and I can confidently say that it is independent of factors such as geography, sector or industry.

Q: What is your message to other public sector companies in India regarding the People CMM®?

CMD: All PSUs can definitely gain by implementing the People CMM®.

And we at RCF are more than ready to help other PSU organizations.

We have requested SCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises) to organize a session of HR heads of various PSUs where we can share our experience of People CMM® rollout. This will facilitate the PSUs to understand the immense benefits of People CMM®. It will also help them address any misgivings they may have about using the model in a PSU.

Q: What are the key benefits that RCF has started realizing as a result of implementing the People CMM®?

CMD: Often, the perception of the employees is not in congruence with the intent and hard work put in by support departments like HR and HRD. We were looking out for some method through which HR is seen to be contributing as a Business Partner. The People CMM® helped us achieve this. One of the results of implementing the People CMM® that gladdens me most is that now people perceive that ‘HR has come closer to employees’.

Tracking of many of the people related requests, complaints, and transactions, such as quarter allotments, repair of facilities, status of claims of reimbursements, etc. have been upgraded through a computerized help desk during the People CMM® journey.

Formal systems of listening to employee voices through periodical surveys of services such as canteen, hospital, etc. have been institutionalized.

We have shifted from a ‘performance appraisal system’ to a ‘performance management system’ wherein constant feedback is being given to employees about their performance and the line managers have been trained to impart performance counseling in situations where required.

HR has started connecting with employees on a regular basis using a forum called ‘HR, aap ke dwaar’.

Q: Now that you are maturity level 2, will you be pursuing higher maturity levels?

CMD: Having experienced the immense benefits of maturity level 2, our HR professionals are now aiming to reach higher levels of maturity of the People CMM®. In addition to imparting delight to the employees, People CMM® is also adding to their professional competencies.

I am sure that within next seven to eight years we will reach maturity level 5 of the model.


Thank you Mr Rajan, for your time and sharing your thoughts. And wish you and RCF all the best!

Mr RG Rajan is the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) at RCF (Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited).

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